BULBTEK X7 Fan LED Headlight 12 Month Warranty CANBUS 12V 24V Car LED Bulb for Reflector and Projector Headlight

We produce BULBTEK X7 Fan LED Headlight 12 Month Warranty CANBUS 12V 24V Car LED Bulb for Reflector and Projector Headlight. We are professionally in top quality auto led headlight and best services. We have built constant business relationships with customers from all over the world. We are looking forward to cooperating long term business with you. Welcome OEM and ODM. Available models: H1, H4, H7, H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005, 9006, 9012, D2/D4, 9004/9007, H13 Voltage-in: DC 9-30V Power: 25W/H1, 30W/H4,H13,9004,9007, 36/H7,H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005,9006,9012,D2/D4 Lumen: 1800LM/H1, 1600LM(low),2200LM(high)/H4,H13,9004,9007, 3300LM/H7,H8/H9/H11/H16(JP),9005,9006,9012,D2/D4 MOQ: 10sets/pairs

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20191005-X7 (1) 20191005-X7 (2) 20191005-X7 (3) 20191005-X7 (4) 20191005-X7 (5) 20191005-X7 (6) 20191005-X7 (7) 20191005-X7 (8) 20191005-X7 (9) 20191005-X7 (10) 20191005-X7 (11) 20191005-X7 (12) 20191005-X7 (13)
LED chips 2 * 3570 /5530, 4*5530 / 1860 customized LED module
Voltage-in DC 9-30V
Current-start 2.1A@12V/H1, 2.3A@12V/H4,H13,9004,9007, 3.0A@12V/H7,H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005,9006,9012,D2/D4
Power 25W/H1, 30W/H4,H13,9004,9007, 36/H7,H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005,9006,9012,D2/D4
Lumen 1800LM/H1, 1600LM(low),2200LM(high)/H4,H13,9004,9007, 3300LM/H7,H8/H9/H11/H16(JP),9005,9006,9012,D2/D4
Working temperature -40℃~+80℃
Power efficiency >87%
Beam angle 270°
Color temperature 6500K
Cooling type Fan
Temperature control Intelligent temperature control IC (built-in driver)
Adapter 360°adjustable
Life span 30000+ hours
Warranty 18 months
Lighting pattern Low beam / High beam
Brand new design: Triangle patent design, for both of reflector & projector / LENS; Copper PCB; Red copper heat conduct board; Double rubber rings for 360°adjustable adapter.   5530 / 3570 / 1860 customized LED module chip: Similar size as halogen filament, standard lighting pattern; 3570 LED: H7, H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005, 9006, 9012, D2/D4; 5530: H1, H4; 1860: 9004, 9007, H13.   High Power & Lumen & LUX: High power: 25W/H1, 30W/H4,H13,9004,9007, 36/H7,H8/H11/H16(JP), 9005,9006,9012,D2/D4, High lumen: 1800LM/H1, 1600LM(low),2200LM(high)/H4,H13,9004,9007, 3300LM/H7,H8/H9/H11/H16(JP),9005,9006,9012,D2/D4, High lux: 3-5 times than halogen.   Good Lighting Pattern:

For reflector headlight: good high beam; For projector/LENS headlight: no dark area for low beam.

 X7 LED Headlight bulb is for both Reflector and Projector(LENS) Headlight Kit   Efficient heat conduction & dissipation system:

Copper PCB for better heat conduction than aluminum; Red copper heat conduct board for strengthening heat conduction from PCB to aluminum body; Imported hydraulic fan for cooling.


Smart 360°adjustable adapter:

H1, H4, H7, D2/D4: the adapter is fixed by double rubber rings, and is easily rotated in 360°;

H8/H9/H11/H16(JP), 9005, 9006, 9012: there is limited screw for fastening and positioning adapter.

  Small size driver: Voltage input: DC 9-30V; CANBUS built-in: solving most canbus problems; Intelligent temperature control IC built-in: the current will drop gradually when the intelligent Temperature Control IC(built-in base) reaches 120°C; Non-polarity; No electromagnetic interference; Size: 52.5*26*16mm; Laser logo is accepted.   Thin top body & Small base: Diameter Φ13.5mm of H7, fitting for more vehicles; Diameter Φ8.5mm of H1, fitting for more vehicles; Diameter Φ36mm of base, fitting for more vehicles. Soft box: 201*138*75mm, 2pcs/set, Carton box: 52*44*35 cm, 28sets/carton, Customized is accepted. Welcome OEM and ODM for all BT-AUTO LED headlight bulbs.

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